There are 2 sides of getting fitter. And the most important one is the training. People need to understand is that training is not at all out effort! We are supposed to be training 95% of the time. During the sessions, everything must be in the control.

In a training group, the goal is to maximize favorable adaptations with smaller amounts of input. What does that mean? You should look at “Function” as designating a scaled version of the workout. The movements or loads involved are designed to not hold you up because of lack of technique, coordination, or muscular strength. The focus is on proven training protocols that will maximize strength development, body composition and will give good exposure to a variety of movements.

You apply to the function group if your training age is very low (i.e. just started CrossFit, little to no experience with sport outside of CrossFit, deconditioned, lacking in neuromuscular coordination). Function means to maintain or increase fitness as it applies to the real world.