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On ramp

Designed to help understand CrossFit methodology with five private session with the coach, mobility screening, a fitness test, and a review of principal movements and their variations, in order to adapt do your needs.

Classes 60'

A workout in a group of maximum 12 people where the coach will be giving a briefing of the session, a warm-up, where you will learn a skill or work on your endurance/strength, then do a METCON (short for metabolic conditioning aka cardio) and ending by a debrief.

Classes 30'

Designed to help manage the overload volume of most people training. 30 minute sessions do not process the part where you learn a skill. The benefits are tremendous. Training your cardiovascular system, while not overtraining your neurological system. Something overlooked by many.

Private sessions

Private sessions have a wide domain of use. From « the once per month » session with the coach as a personal follow up. Analyzing results, feeling and progress to the « 3+ private sessions a week » where detailed and tailored programming to the athletes is held (usually for a sporting event) there are a myriad of solution why you would reach out to a coach. Never forget that they are here for you and that they will approach your problem like it would be their own.


Private group sessions that have companies build one for targeting team building activities, building resilience of their workers or even opening their mind to fitness. Let’s not forget that a fit person is less likely to get sick on the Health Continuum. (SICKNESS-WELL BEING- FITNESS)

MEMBERSHIPS: meeting / tests

  • We offer frequency base memberships in order to fit them all. As well as 2 types of classes (60 and 30) to manage time and overtraining. At CFE we are not really pushing the « the more the better » approach, in the contrary. For most people 2 to 4 (all types included) classes a week will improve the overall quality of life of athletes.
  • Included in any memberships, a quarterly meeting with a coach to define or redefine the goals per quarter.

Drop ins

You’re traveling, passing by, coming to say hello. Come for a workout. Experience working out at CFE and be part of these many people from around the world that stoped by to share their vibes.