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To live as long as possible being your best self

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Our philosophy


The first step in any athlete’s journey is to learn to perform basic movement mechanics.


After mechanics, consistency is the next step in an athlete’s development.


This final step in the ongoing, judicious process of training is increasing intensity.

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Our values


Fundamentally altruists, we are here to make your life easier, transform you into your best self.


We’re not robots; we’re humans. If it were as simple as just writing it down, everyone would be a champion.


About defining the controllable that can make you a better performer, with a commitment bordering on obsession

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Our missions


At the CFE, we are keeping the team onto a continuing education program to make sure that everyone gets a coach that is trying their best to make their point.


There are 2 sides of getting fitter. And the most important one is the training. People need to understand is that training is not at all out effort!


This is the moment we have all waited for. Those 5% of the time were you actually test yourself and see if all that hard work paid off.